ZPG Measurement Resources To Help You Improve Employee Performance

Looking for immediate asistance? This website offers the following:

  • Measuring the Hard Stuff - Learn approaches to measuring the really difficult kinds of performance.

  • Results-Based Measurement - See the world of performance measurement through the eyes of "results" instead of activity.

  • Articles by Jack Zigon - Download or view how-to articles on performance appraisal, performance measurement and rewards

  • Training - Gain immediate access to an online goal-setting training program or learn about other live workshops that an help you and your staff sharpen your measurement skills.

  • Publications - Download PDF copies of how-to books, gain immediate online access to a measurement idea database, or purchase self-instructional manuals you can use for self-development.

  • Free Resources - (registration required) Review 30 examples of performance measures, read 100+ articles on performance management, scan links to 100+ measurement-related websites, and more!

  • Online Store - View samples of all of our performance measurement publications for immediate access from our secure online store.

  • Contact us or call 610.291.5884 if you need some assistance not listed here.

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