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How Long Does It Take to Replace a Shingle Roof?

They are buried. If there are any screws or nails that hang up on the wooden surface, you can pull them out using either a hammer or the pliers. They should not be put down on the decking. It is quite difficult to do and may damage your roof and split large pieces of lumber. Use a scrap block of wood as a buffer to use your hammer to pound against the sharp edges on the nails.

Check for signs that water-related damage has occurred. Then, you will need to repair any deck that has wet or dry decay prior to continuing your project. There is a need to cut the old decking into the roofing sheathing, in which there isn't any wood decking remaining.

If you notice any indications of damage Take a hammer or the pry bar, and begin to remove the damaged planks. These boards should not be dragged or pulled off the floor because it can cause the nails that you've worked so hard to drive flush to the floor , to break loose. Scrap lumber can serve as a lever underneath the boards. This will ensure safe working conditions for those working on a roof that has a steep slope. If all goes well with the examination process, then you are ready for the next stage.

5. Prepare the Roof Surface for installation

Preparing the roof for the installation of asphalt shingles is an essential stage. It's also a vital element in determining the time it takes to replace an asphalt shingle roof.

Wood shakes or fiberglass require to begin the process by stripping off any old shingles and dispose of the shingles. Also, you can skip the first step if you are working with synthetic shingle roofing. Begin at the bottom and move towards the top.

Once you start this project, follow through until completion. It is important to apply a layer underneath the gravel before covering the surface with three layers of asphalt.