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Avoid Mistakes With a New Homeowner Maintenance Checklist Home Repair and Renovation Digest

Include this checklist in your home maintenance schedule. A technician will look over and clean the furnace and compressor. Then, they will check the ductwork for any damage. HVAC equipment is usually capable of holding up by themselves. It is essential to conduct periodic maintenance on your HVAC system to get maximum benefit from it. Create a plan for your maintenance.

Important to be aware that dust particles could continue to build up inside the HVAC unit even after you alter the filter. It is essential to change the filter each three months. If it is left in the unit for long, your HVAC system is likely to accumulate larger amounts of dust and particles which can affect the efficiency of the unit.

Utilizing an acidic cleanser on the coils of an outdoor HVAC unit is an additional mistake the majority of homeowners make while doing HVAC maintenance. No matter how strong the chemicals are, HVAC coils can't withstand the acidic cleaning agents. In order to clean your coils just run a low-pressure stream of water. There is a chance that you will pay higher costs if take on the task of repairing the HVAC unit, or carry out tasks like checking the heating.

2. Be prepared for the elements

In your new homeowner maintenance list, one most important elements of home maintenance is the waterproofing of materials. They make surfaces more durable. Flood damage is just one of those scenarios that homeowners who are new to the area fear. Water damage can happen without notice, and it could be extremely stressful. When you're not home, a leaking pipe could be exploding and cause flooding in your basement. A lack of maintenance could cause the dishwasher might suddenly fail and spill water on your hardwood kitchen floor. An unsound roof may fall over when a storm hits, which could cause water damages to the home's foundation. In such situations the need for water restoration and mitigation are essential.

Water damage can have devastating consequences can be caused by natural flood, a burst pipe or overflow