Zigon Performance Group   Improve your company's results, with a performance appraisal system that really works!

What gets measured get done! But measuring employee, team, department and even organizational performance is difficult to do well. We've helped thousands of managers and employees create objective measures for any kind of work, and tie them into performance appraisal or performance management system that does what you need it to do.

    Is your performance management system as good as it can be?
  • Do you have measurable goals that reflect your corporate strategy?
  • Do all of your employees understand your corporate goals and how they can support them?
  • Do all of your employees have measurable goals that align with your corporate goals?
  • Do your employees understand how they are doing compared to their goals?
  • Do your managers and employees have the skills to modify their goals as business conditions change?
  • Do managers have the performance information they need to truly pay for performance?
    Helping clients optimize organizational, department and employee performance
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Zigon Performance Group, is based in suburban Philadelphia and was founded in 1986 with the sole purpose of helping clients improve employee performance through better performance measurement. ZPG shares its unique and proprietary measurement processes and idea database with a broad range of Fortune 1000 clients nationwide by providing training, assessment services and publishing.

We offer help with:

  • Assessing your system - Helping you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current Performance Appraisal (PAS) and Performance Management (PMS) System
  • Improving existing systems - Helping you refine your existing system to make it more objective and effective
  • Creating customized performance measures - Developing measures that match your organization and strategy
  • Training your managers and employees - Giving your staff the ability to create measures and set goals as competitive environment changes
  • Providing online training and measurement tools - Making measurement as easy as possible for all of your employees
  • System design and redesign - Refining your PAS/PMS to dynamically align employees with your key corporate goals

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